The Gift Preview service is the ultimate peace-of-mind add-on option to our gift wrapping services, allowing customers to pre-view their item and change their mind about the gift wrapping style they selected. The following are included in the Gift Preview service:

  • After receiving your item, we would e-mail you a photo of your item's box and will inspect it for any visible external damages. We would ask you to confirm or reject further processing of the item. 
  • We would carefully wrap the item, implementing the ordered style.
  • After wrapping, we would e-mail you a photo of your ready wrapped item and ask you to confirm it or request a re-wrap, before releasing it for delivery.


Rejections and re-wraps:

  • Before wrapping - If you reject your item before wrapping (e.g the item is damaged in transit, or the incorrect item has been received, or you changed your mind), you may ask us to return your item for you in the box it was originally received, by e-mailing us a pre-paid printable return label. We will print the label, tape the box and attach the label. We will refund as a gift card all gift-wrapping service fees we charged for this item, except a $5 processing fee per item for the return.

  • We can only offer returns to:
    • The UPS Store at 936 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130
    • USPS via the UPS Store at 936 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130
    • FedEx at 901 S Miami Ave #214, Miami, FL 33130
    • or if you arrange courier pick-up of the package from our Boutique Store in Brickell at 35 SE 6th Street, Suite 106, Miami, FL 33131 - anytime during our business hours. Please provide us with the pick-up appointment information well in advance.
    • We do not charge transportation fees for bringing your return items to the UPS, USPS and FedEx locations listed above.

  • After wrapping - If you do not like the wrapping style and reject your item after wrapping is completed, you may ask us to one-time complementary re-wrap your item in another style of the same price category as the original ordered style (higher category may be selected for a surcharge, however no refunds can be offered for lower category selection). The re-wrap will complete your service and we will e-mail you a final photo of the item. Further re-wraps (including return to the original style) will be charged as new gift wrapping orders.


Additional terms and conditions:

  • We do not provide return tracking information or confirmations from couriers
  • We are unable to print, complete or include any additional paperwork in your box.
  • We will do our best to ensure you have a smooth return experience, but we do not assume any responsibility for proper attachment of the label, proper securing of the box, the integrity of the items, safe delivery to the courier service or further processing by the courier service or your retailer.
  • In any case our total liability will be limited and will not exceed the amount you paid us for the item's gift wrapping service.
  • Fees for performed pick-up services are not refundable. Delivery fees for a group of items are only refundable if all items from your order have been rejected and no items will be delivered. Delivery fees do not depend on the number of items.
  • Please be advised the Gift Preview a convenience service provided for a nominal fee. We reserve the right to refuse the Gift Preview service in case of technical unavailability, insufficient capacity or suspected abuse, by refunding any paid Gift Preview service fees. The refusal and/or refund of Gift Preview service will not affect the remaining services of your order.

All our standard Terms of Service apply.