The Wrap & Deliver service offers gift wrapping of your items on their way from the online retailer (Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) to you. It provides a seamless experience, where we handle the receiving, wrapping and delivering of the gift items to your residence, or even directly to the recipient of your gift. The service is currently only available to customers with local delivery destination addresses in Miami.

To use Wrap & Deliver, please follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Register (here) or Place your order with us and obtain your MAIL-IN code. The MAIL-IN code is simply a 6 letter code, we provide with your registration on our website or with your order confirmation. Please use the MAIL-IN code as the recipient's last name when shipping your item to us, as described below in Step 2: "Ship to us". It helps us sort through the numerous items we receive every day and identify your package.

2. Ship to us - Have your online retailer (we are retailer-agnostic) ship your items to our address, as follows:


First name: theWrapBoutique
Last name: XXXXXX (replace the Xs with your unique MAIL-IN code)
Address:    35 SE 6th Street, Suite 106
City:           Miami
State/Zip: FL 33131
Tel:             305-209-0063

E.g. If your online retailer is Amazon, please navigate to Account & Lists -> Account -> Your addresses and create a new shipping address with the information above. Please do NOT mark this address as default. Make sure to pick the the newly created shipping address when finalizing your order with Amazon. You can re-use this address for any of your future gift-wrapping needs.

3. We wrap it - Once we receive your item, we will use our magic to give outstanding looks to your present, while strictly following your instructions. Please make sure you have placed your online order with us by the time we have received your package. Most gifts are wrapped on the day of their receipt and are dispatched for delivery by the next business day. Plan ahead on holidays - as extended service times may apply, due to extraordinary volume of orders. Feel free to contact us for more information and current processing times.

4. We deliver it - We will send your package with our white-glove delivery drivers to most addresses in Miami. Please make sure you specify the correct delivery address (which might be different from your address) when finalizing your order with us. Delivery fees may apply depending on the distance. You can also pick-up your item (free from delivery fees) from our Boutique store in Brickell, located at 35 SE 6th Street, Suite 106, Miami, FL 33131 (in the tunnel next to Hibachi restaurant). Opening hours are Tue-Sun 11am - 7pm.

IMPORTANT! Please make sure you send your package to "theWrapBoutique"  (as First name of the recipient) and you use your MAIL-IN code as the Last name of the recipient. We will unfortunately be unable to open items sent for other recipients to our address and will return them their sender.